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Negative Self Talk and Self Esteem

Posted on November 29 2012

I really find it ironic how the majority of us, especially when it comes to our kids or our family, will not stand for any backtalk. (Or, as we say in the South, a sassy mouth!) But at the same time, we have a continuous stream of backtalk going through our thoughts. It is mostly negative. "I'm so stupid" "I can not believe I did that" And unfortunately, it is on an auto play loop.
I know quite a lot of people that even have the habit of verbally stating how dumb they are! This does not do any good for your self esteem, and, if you continue to verbalize this, other people will begin to believe it also. That's not such a good plan of action for your personal or business relationships!
This negative automatic response can be so habitual that we don't even realize that we have this conversation going on in our heads, or out loud. It will do you good to pay attention to those thoughts that so frequently pop into your head and out of your mouth.
When events do not pan out the way we think they should, CompTIAA+Bridge(2009Edition)Exam BR0-003 Exam Questions then STOP! Pay attention. Take note, if the first thing that comes into your head is that damaging negative self talk, then you may need to, no actually you really do need to work on this.
Taking the time and listening to your thoughts can be a real eye opener. This usually is one of the first indicators of low self esteem. Many people, from doing this simple exercise, have found out that they are very insecure about many things.
Remember, you most likely wouldn't tolerate that type of negative talk from other people. Why then suffer through it yourself? We are often our own harshest judges. When you come to this realization then half the battle is won at this point!
Do not dwell on the negative side, start changing the way that you think. Start taking control now, and change your thoughts. Rather than replay the negative statements, ask yourself questions that will prompt answers for the problem that you are facing.
This simple tip will go far in helping to boost your esteem. It will not be easy, and it Strat a Fundamental sof Technology FC0-U21 Exam Questions may not be quick, because changing habits never is, so don't confuse simple with easy! You are going to have to start making conscious choices in your thought language. But this is one of the best activities that you can start to do.
Once you begin to erase those negative thoughts and replace them with more positive, uplifting ones, your whole attitude is set to change! You have given yourself happiness!
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