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No One Believes in Me!

Posted on November 30 2012

We have all come across people who feel that their life is not fair!
Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why the person feels that way - broken homes, abuse or neglect, past hurts or failures and other complications all contribute to shaping a person's self-esteem or self-belief.
Other times, it's self inflicted - drugs, alcohol, no money, unemployment etc. People who had the same opportunities as others have fooled themselves into thinking other people had better opportunities. Or other people had better luck. "I never get a break!" "He gets everything handed to him in life!" "When do I get a chance!".
'Poor me!' syndrome.
There are many things that can happen in life that result in finding yourself spiraling into feelings of inadequacy or lack of worth. Why is it that different people respond differently to these situations though? What gives one person the drive to pick themselves up and get back into life, where another person gives up and falls into depression?
Firstly, one reason why this CompTIA E2CA+Essentials(2009Edition) Exam JK0-701 Exam Questions can happen is simply because we are all so different. Your background, your upbringing, your personality, character and traits, your past experiences, your fears or worries, your habits or addictions... Everything that makes up 'you' as a person is not the same as anybody else.
Does this mean that you can turn your life around regardless of your background?
In all seriousness, you can take some steps to be like those other people who get all the breaks! The truth is, most of the time those people are not lucky. They don't have everything 'fall into place'. Sometimes there's a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't see...
An example - my current job does not have any openings. This is cyclic, sometimes jobs come up, other times there is a full contingency of staff - when jobs do come up they are highly sought after, and due to the number of applicants, people who would be great in the job often get turned away.
I had a comment made to me after I landed this job - "you're so lucky for getting ComptiaProject+(2009) PK0-003 Exam Questions that job!". I smiled and nodded, but in reality I had put a lot of work into it behind the scenes: I made contact with the unit manager by phone early on & told him of my interest in the job & my past experience. I followed up with a letter and email, and made plans to contact him later when jobs came up. I made further contact with the employment division & informed them of my interest, and sent in a CV. I then had maybe 4 or 5 contacts with the unit manager both by phone and email over the next 3 months until jobs were coming up. Some of the calls went like this - "Hey, hope I'm not bothering you... Just wanted to let you know I'm still really keen to work with you guys - at this stage I'll be available after November.. Do you know what the job situation is like at the moment?" By the time I formally applied when jobs were advertised, I was one of the first to be offered an interview and subsequently got the job. Luck did not land me the job!
What if no one believes in me and I don't believe in myself?
This esteem site
You are precious because you are a creation of the highest order of intelligence. If you forget the true source of your preciousness, eventually you will experience an emptiness, a gnawing hunger. There are not enough gold, jewels, cellular phones, big-screen TVs, or anything material to nourish the soul. The spirit can only be filled by giving, not by getting."
Making a change in your life starts with you. Decide to change! Even better, put that decision into action - today! Make some phone calls - ring and inquire about jobs. Think about what you would like to do or be, and start the ball rolling.
Ring and ask some banks or brokers about loans, ring and ask about upcoming courses to get you started on a new career path. Go buy a book about what you are interested in... GET STARTED! "Luck" is not going to fall into your lap - I believe in you, you need to start believing in yourself too.
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